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Quality and Service From Day One

When Northern Pipe Products Inc. entered the marketplace in 1979, we immediately focused on one very important objective—an objective we will always maintain: to manufacture the highest quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe and to back our products with a level of service second to none in the industry. Today, that objective is still our primary calling, with Northern Pipe Products Inc. as the clear-cut leader in service and quality throughout our market area.

Quality Assurance


The distinction between our product line and that of the competition begins with our computerized compounding center, one of the most highly automated facilities in the industry.  Here is where Northern Pipe Products Inc. controls the uniformity of its materials and the consistency of its product, setting superior standards for quality assurance with the very latest in computerized solid-state monitoring and control equipment.

Microprocessor extrusion control units produce PVC pipe to exact specifications. The complete command of all extruder functions ultimately cuts overweights, eliminates downtime and reduces waste and scrap.

Northern Pipe Products Inc. is proud to be a world class manufacturing facility. As such, our plant is frequently visited by customers and representatives of all industry types as a model of continuous improvement and employee involvement.

Advantages of PVC

Energy efficient

Less energy is required to manufacture PVC than most other pipe materials.


PVC’s lighter weight makes it easier and less costly to handle, transport and install. In fact, most PVC pipe sizes can be handled manually, reducing the need for expensive installation equipment.

Excellent flow characteristics

Sludge, slime and other residue buildups are virtually nonexistent because of PVC pipe’s extremely smooth inner surface.

Higher flow rates

The smooth interior walls of PVC pipe translate into increased flow rates at flatter grades, resulting in reduced trenching costs and fewer lift stations.

Tough but flexible

PVC will resist earth and live load deflection and will bend under shifting soil conditions.


PVC will withstand “hot soil” conditions. In fact, PVC requires virtually no maintenance.  But if it does become damaged, it can be easily hand-cut and repaired, resulting in lower repair costs and less interruption in water service to the consumer.

Installation Made Easy

Because of its light weight and durability, PVC pipe from Northern Pipe Products Inc. can be money in the bank for any building project by saving time and reducing labor, transportation and maintenance costs.  It’s no wonder, then, that our PVC is the premier pipe for today’s builders.

Northern Pipe Products Inc. . .A Closer Look at PVC

When selecting the best pipe material for a particular project, several significant factors should be considered such as cost, efficiency, design advantages, ease of installation, and required maintenance.  Until PVC entered the picture, there weren’t many options.

Today, there is no question about your material preference.  The highest grade materials are used to produce Northern Pipe Products Inc. PVC pipe, and this rich blend of resin, combined with the latest extrusion equipment, results in the finest PVC pipe found anywhere…guaranteed.


Finished products are regularly tested to insure that all production meets or exceeds ASTM and NSF standards.

The Hydrostatic Pressure Test is conducted to determine the ability of a pipe to withstand water pressure far in excess of the pipe’s rating. Deflection Tests proceed to flatten a test section of pipe, checking for signs of splitting, cracking or breaking. Impact Tests drop weights from varying heights to determine pipe’s resistance to shattering. The ability to meet these test standards assures product reliability, and continues the tradition of quality PVC products, courtesy Northern Pipe Products Inc.

Today, Our Reputation is Growing

In the new decade, our reputation continues to grow. This growth can be attributed to consistency in offering the customer only the finest precision pipe products, manufactured under an ideal computerized system. Northern Pipe Products Inc. will provide you with the flexibility you need to achieve the finished project you desire.  From  pressure pipe, drain, waste and vent pipe (DWV), or sewer pipe, to glued or gasketed joints, Northern Pipe Products Inc. has the consistent and lasting PVC products you need... for a truly trouble-free project.

Quality Products and Services…Guaranteed.

Along with our quality products comes the service you require. Our own fleet of trucks gives us the flexibility to meet even the most demanding delivery schedules.

With Northern Pipe Products Inc. quality and reliable service, the choice for your next project is simple. Northern Pipe Products Inc. . .the Benchmark of “QUALITY”.

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